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Canberra Concrete House Slabs

There are three main (or common) options for a flat house site when considering types of concrete slabs. One of them is exactly a slab as such, but itโ€™s a good option nonetheless.

โ€ข Raft Slab
โ€ข Waffle Slab
โ€ข Sub-floor with Strip Footings & Stumps (uncommon in Canberra)

How can weย help with your new house footings andย slab?


Concrete House Slabs:

We offer years of concrete industry expertise which translates into confidence that your new house footings and concrete slab will be closely managed to ensure all work is carried out by Australian Building Code AS2870.

Phone :ย 0426 372 787

We will carry out the following work for your concrete house slab:

  • Site Preparation/Cut
  • Surveyor set pins to mark floor area
  • Plumber & Electricianย carry outย their work ready for concrete slab
  • Excavators and bobcats level off site, dig footings and piers preparing for concrete slabย 
  • Use steel cage in footings and piers ready for concrete
  • Prepare form/boxing work ready for concrete slab to be poured
  • Layout steel mesh for slab strength
  • Pour the slab using pump and boom all in one go from start to finish
  • We use special vibrating tools to ensure the concrete spreads evenly
  • We use screed to smooth and level off the slab to ensure a nice smooth finish is achieved.

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