Are you wondering if resurfacing your concrete surface is a good option?

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Concrete Resurfacing Benefits:

  1. Ultra hard spray of concrete – end result is the new concrete surface sets as hard as concrete itself!
  2. Concrete Resurfacingย your Canberra home will enable the ability to completely change the look of a concrete driveway, pathway, patio, garage without completely replacing the original concrete for a fraction of the cost of new concrete surface.
  3. Concrete Resurfacing with a Fleck can provide a faux exposed aggregate look to your concrete surface. ย You can choose from a large range of concrete resurfacing colours and fleck colours here on the Canberra Parchem website.
  4. Concrete resurfacing is a cheap and affordable yet extremely durable concrete resurfacing solution.

Some things to remember when considering the concrete resurfacing option.

  1. The concrete resurfacing process can often take as long as removing your old concrete surface and pouring a new concrete slab. ย This may not be the case for all resurfacing work, however we often find the client requires other small additional concreting work or extensions to their existing concrete surface. ย This can add days to the original request for the concrete resurfacing job.
  2. Preparation of the existing concrete surface includes:
    • ย repairing cracked concrete,ย 
    • Concrete surface preparation for example: Initial high pressure washdown then acid wash to remove hard grime and oil stains, use of a petrol blower just before spraying commences.
  3. Repairs to cracks in concrete surfaces are very difficult to repair permanently. Often we find a crack that is deep will reappear in time, due to movement in the slab when heavy weight is applied (vehicles), change in weather conditions etc..
  4. Once the concrete surface is sprayed on, then the fleck can be applied. ย Usually this is done the next working day. Depending on the number of colours of fleck you have chosen will determine how long this process will take. ย Normally half a day.
  5. Once the fleck has set (same day) we can then blow vac the entire new concrete surface and begin sealing the new surface.
  6. Concrete sealing of the new spray and fleck surface will protect the new surface and ensure oil and stains are very easily removed with even a garden hose alone. ย For more stubborn stains it’s safe to use a degreaser spray prior to hosing down the surface.
  7. Please note the concrete sealing system process will slightlyย change the look/colour of the initial concrete spray and fleck(1 to 1.5 darker shade). ย We apply a minimum of two concrete sealing system coats to ensure the longevity of your newly resurfaced concrete.
  8. We recommend re-sealing your concrete surface every 2-3 years to maintain and protect the surface. ย Contact us for a concrete resealing quote.ย 0426 372 787

Concrete Resurfacing Process/Photos:


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